The Power of the Glue Gun

MY Hero - Glue Gun

MY Hero - Glue Gun

I am mostly a self-taught events stylist. I have watched numerous YouTube videos, been to floral exhibitions and experimented with different designs and ideas. I’ve found that I have become more aware of my surroundings and the way things are presented. I often find myself looking at shop window displays and I have gotten quite a few inspirations from there. I am constantly thinking of a more frugal way to get things done and in a lot of my experimenting and ‘trial and error’ sessions there is one piece of equipment I cannot do without- The Glue Gun.
I have been burnt several times and I have had quite a few guns in my short styling life. However this is a very powerful tool that gets the job done every time. It has the power to transform ordinary into wow. I use my glue gun for almost everything; floral bouquet arrangements, wreath making, ‘bling-ing’ out vases, floral walls, fan walls, pompom walls, gluing broken pieces, making bespoke pieces…name it, anything and everything. 
I once wanted to buy a gold trimmed vase and I decided to have a proper look at the vase and voila! It was a normal vase that had a gold trim finish carefully placed on by a glue gun. Even though the vase was on sale, there was no point making the purchase when I could easily make my own at a cheaper price. 
To the inventor of the glue gun, I say a big thank you 😁

Welcome to Greenfingers Event Decor

Hey, Guys, I'm so excited about this new website and even more excited that I have a blog where I can share my thoughts and ideas. 

As this is my first blog post, I'll like to share my reason for starting Greenfingers Events Devor with you.

I would not say it has been a lifelong dream to be a venue stylist or simply put an events decorator. I have always loved creating things with my hands from making Christmas decorations at age 5 and learning to crotchet at 11. I have had influences along the way that helped fuel my creative juices. I once lived with a family friend who had a commercial garden and volunteered with the decorating department of her church. I just went with the flow with helping to blow balloons and doing some floral arrangements, I had no clue that things I had learnt about 2 decades ago would actually help me and be part of my driving force today.
Décor is an integral part of everyday life; it’s in the little things. The way we decide to style our hair, style our children, the kind of furniture we decide to choose for our homes, colour matching kitchen utensils, the layout of our offices and the list goes on and on. We may not decide to use the word ‘décor’ to describe these things but it’s all about the way things are presented and the good thing it there is no right or wrong way to do things it mainly streams from personal preferences and purchasing powers.
A couple of years ago my friend was planning a birthday party for her mum and she asked if I would like to tag along to go for some décor shopping and I was more than happy to. She left me to decide what pieces I would like and how I would like things to be arranged. I came up with a simple yet beautiful design and it made a huge difference to their garden. Different people complimented the décor and hinted that I should consider taking it to the next steps. I toyed with the idea for a bit and then decided to take the plunge and go ahead with it.
I have a knack for creating beautiful bespoke pieces and with the influence from the internet and the availability of resourced from across the world I decided  to take the next step and literally put smiles on people’s faces as cheesy as that may sound. I strive to create a pleasant ambience at a decent price. We would accommodate any budget and suggest ideas within your budget that would still create a wonderful ambience regardless of how limited or vast your resources are. We are based in Leeds but more than happy to travel within the UK.